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Unfortunately you may have discovered mold in your Hollywood, CA home or office and want it inspected immediately the same day. Well luckily you have come to the right place. Knight Environmental Consulting can take care of all your mold inspection and testing needs today. Knight is the biggest mold inspection and testing firm in California and SoCal and indeed the whole West Coast of the USA.

We send an inspector to you with a PhD. You will notice the difference and the price may even be less than inspectors without the same level of mold inspection training and scientific experience. Knight only performs the inspection so we are ethical and not looking to find mold and fix it too.

Give us a call on 1-858-999-6292 or have a look at our website.


We are here to help the people of Hollywood, CA and Los Angeles for mold inspection and testing. Looking after you and the community is our priority. Trust the best mold guys in LA. Mold we have you covered and you can move forward after the mold testing with peace of mind.