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Frequently asked questions:

What are your services?

Broadly described Knight Environmental Consulting is a full service air and water testing company for residential and commercial clients. We help a lot of residential clients with mold testing in their properties also. We are an inspection only firm and do not perform mold remediation or water damage restoration. So there is no conflict of interest. We provide the most qualified inspectors, licensed, certified and insured in the USA.

Does Knight Environmental Consulting hire certified inspectors?

-Yes. You can be confident when you use our service you are getting the most qualified inspector with the highest credentials in the industry. For mold inspections or flood damage inspections Knight is the only mold inspection company that sends a Microbiologist to your residence. Your scientist will have 6 years+ of scientific education and up to 20 years of inspection commercial and residential inspection experience. Our scientists also have years of experience inspecting high tech pharmaceutical/biotech production facilities. Knight’s dedicated Microbiologists know mold when they see it and where it can grow after a water damage event.

Competitors have similar information on their website are they Knight?

No. Some firms take short cuts we do not. However we have put 7 firms out of business based on theft of our intellectual property rights and plagiarism of our website, purchased 2 and successfully sued 4 mold firms. We follow the law and create unique content on our website and for our clients. When your the biggest mold firm you will always have guys looking for a free ride.

There are other inspection companies like you but are they as good at helping me figure out the mold?

-There are many different levels of inspector experience. Our customer satisfaction and repeat realtor business, vindicates our leadership in the mold inspection and testing industry. Being the benchmark for excellence after water damage has been the cornerstone of our success. We are 100% client orientated with your health and investments at the heart of every inspection. Frankly our inspection teams are the very best in the industry. All of our inspection teams have Masters or PhDs. But your cost will be the same or less as our competitors that may send somebody with 2 weeks of training. Sure, everyone has to learn and we respect that in our competitors. But wouldn’t you want the best for your air or water testing?

Why do your prices vary from other mold inspection companies?

-When comparing prices, make sure you ask a lot of questions and please keep a few things in mind. Our price includes lab testing, moving furniture, accessible areas and a 90-day satisfaction policy. Our lab tests are accredited that why is is impossible for us to offer free testing or free inspections. There are no hidden fees or additional charges for extra samples. Also, we never sub-contract, so our scientists are always background checked, drug tested and properly trained Knight Environmental employees. This is what allows us to stand behind all of our work and send you the most qualified real estate inspectors to your property.

Do you offer free inspections?

-No. But we offer you excellent prices. Things of value are never free, for if they were free then they would be valueless. Companies that offer free water damage or mold inspections or super cheap are unqualified and untrustworthy. Any company offering free inspections will either offer remediation and/or remodeling or take many air/water samples increasing your cost. It shows lack of experience and unethical behavior.

For mold inspections always check and see if they are offering mold inspection and the remediation too. You have to ask yourself why would a ‘trained’ mold inspector offer his services for free!!!? Any company offering very low cost or free inspections with samples is a scam to be aware of. If they are so cheap then they are not real mold consultants or trained professionals. Would you trust a lab assistant to give you heart surgery? Probably not. So there is your answer for cheap or free mold inspections. Sample analysis alone performed by a professional lab is $85 per sample. -Knight does offer limited inspections at a fraction of the cost of a full property inspection for a particular area of concern. -The customer / client comes first so we can tailor your inspection to your needs. That is why Knight is the most respected air quality inspection firm. Referrals are 95% of our new business.

Does Knight Environmental Consulting offer mold remediation?

-No. It is a conflict of interest for a mold inspection company to perform the inspection and the mold and water damage remediation. This is the reason you can see very low cost mold inspections and sampling being offered on line. We can recommend certified and licensed professional 3rd party remediation contractors. We do oversee their work, it is included in our price!

Does Knight Environmental Consulting offer water testing and reporting?

-Yes. We can test your tap or well water for about 100 bacterial and chemical hazards such as E.coli, lead, hexavalent chromium and arsenic. Our team members are trained chemists and are happy to advise for water quality testing.

How fast can a client get results for mold reports from the lab?

-We can expedite samples on request with rapid 6 hour turn around times. We do not charge extra for Fedex fees.

Do you offer same or next day mold inspection and testing appointments?

-Yes. Call 1-858-999-6292 now and a scientist will help you. We work evenings and weekends to suit you! With a team of 113 we have you covered.

Do you offer an after hours mold testing service?

-Yes we provide inspections 8am-9pm Mon-Sunday at no extra cost to client.

Can you handle any property?

Yes. Knight deals with all types of properties from a rental apartment to 150 million dollar estates in NYC, Miami and CA. Or a pharmaceutical company with mold problems in production. We set the bench mark for mold inspection, air quality testing and water testing. Our biggest commercial inspection was a 70 story building!

Do you charge for mold consultations?

-No. Knight’s scientists are here to help craft a solution for you. Call 1-858-999-6292 9am-9pm Mon-Sat.  We also oversee the mold remediation process from an independent 3rd party too for our valued clients. This ensures the remediation company is giving you a fair deal.

Do you work with attorneys?

-Yes. We have a network of top environmental mold attorneys for whom we are expert witnesses. We can refer you to some of the top mold attorneys in the country. If you have legal issues with poor work from a previous contractor that caused mold or water damage or you purchased a home without a mold inspection and found mold that caused health concerns. Or if your water has been contaminated we can help.

Does Knight work with insurance companies?

-Yes. Knight works with all the top insurance companies. We gladly help with your insurance claim for your property mold issues. Again, this assistance is included in the mold inspection price. If there is a problem we will solve the problem.



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